Jack Wild

I am a Front-end Developer and Digital Designer, specialising in projects with a strong focus on Graphic Design and playful interaction.

I work with Marc Kremers as a Developer at FutureCorp in London.

Find me on Twitter or by email.

My Work

Boom Boom Boom. A live-visuals app to liven up parties all over the world. Using web-sockets, web-audio, TwoJS and NodeJS.

Joha Childmode. The best kids clothing site on the internet. Using Box2D Web, HTML5 Canvas and Sprite Animation. Made at Bacon de Czar.

Palm Angels. A website promoting the photo-book Palm Angels by Francesco Ragazzi, published by Rizzoli. Featuring a custom book-viewer and built on the Kirby CMS. Made at FutureCorp.

Snailbow. An interactive story for kids, about the life of a certain colourful snail.

Peepshow. The clothes come off when you don't look. Using facial recognition and HTML5 media access.

Sunrise Generator. Have a beautiful sunrise any time of day. Using HTML5 Canvas and Javascript to manipulate the pixels.

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