Is Jack

I’m Jack Wild—a Designer and Developer who's happiest when working on playful projects with buckets of charm.

Joha Childmode

I worked on the new website for the children’s clothing brand Joha, which includes an animated interactive layer just for children.

Boom Boom Boom!

I created a music visualisation web-app with a custom mobile device controller using the Web Audio API and Web Sockets.

Sunrise Generator

Love sunrises? Love lie-ins even more? Have a beautiful sunrise any time of day with the Sunrise Generator.


Snailbow is an interactive children’s story which makes use of paralax scroll in an unusual way to tell the story of a certain snail.


Peepshow is an experimental interactive illustration which uses facial recognition to tease the voyeur.

Hodge Podge

Here is a random selection of some of my other ‘stuff’. Some images link through to related content, some don't.


For the last year and a half I have been focusing on Creative Development for visual-based projects, and for the five previous years I have been picking up tricks from the fields of Visual Design, VFX, Post Production, Filmmaking, Animation and Concept Development.

I am looking to continue to focus and build my skills in Creative Development and Design — I am especially interested in projects with playful interaction and beautiful visuals, and I get excited by the possibilities of design+code.

I'm currently on the lookout for new work, so if you like what you see then please get in touch.


Junior Creative Developer and Digital Designer at Bacon de Czar

Bacon de Czar is a production company focused on Web Apps and Websites with rich interactivity, where I work with creative development and digital design.

Freelance Digital Designer

While I have been busy studying and learning, I have worked Freelance in my free time, primarily with web design and visual identity.

Photoshop Artist at Prime Focus, London

I worked here in Summer 2011 as a Photoshop Artist, where I was working on artworking for the Burberry Bespoke website.

Interaction Design Intern at Studio Nand, Berlin

I spent four months furthering my web design and development skills. I also deepened my knowledge about creative coding, generative design and interaction design.

Creative at Kraft Foods Project Fly, Buenos Aires

I was invited to spend three weeks in Buenos Aires working with digital concept development in Kraft’s ‘Project Fly’ innovation lab.

Design Intern at Meanwhile Venture Marketing, London

I was at Meanwhile for 3 months in 2012, where I learned about branding, graphic design and motion graphics.

Digital Media at Hyper Island, Stockholm

I studied for 18 months at Hyper Island, Stockholm. The course covered creative process, group-working skills and digital concept development.

BA TV Production (2.1) at The University of Leeds

I studied for three years in Leeds, England. The degree-course covered film-making, project management, screenwriting, directing and researching.

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