Jack Wild

I am a Developer and Digital Designer, working on projects with a focus on Design with personality and playful interaction.

I'm a MA IED student at the RCA in London, and also work as a developer with Future Corp and

I previously worked with Relax, We Are The Good Guys, I'm a Hyper Island (Stockholm) Digital Media graduate, and it's probably time to update my website.

Find me on Twitter or by email.


Mario Testino. Super-sexy site for one of the most defining photographers of a generation. w/ Marc Kremers, Theo Tillberg and Alastair O'Shea A teaser of the state of things to come. vvatch this space. w/ Marc Kremers

Boom Boom Boom. An app to liven up parties all over the world.

Joha Childmode. The best kids clothing site on the internet. w/ RWATGG

Steve Waugh. Sleek n' simple Showreel site for VFX Artist Steve Waugh.

Media Query Clock. An over-complicated way of telling the time.

Brdr. Kruger. Beautiful site for quality design studio, Brdr. Kruger. w/ RWATGG and Jacob Grubbe

Always used, never loved. Always use a condom.

No Questions Asked. ???

Park Chinois Interactive Prologue. Live interactive Video FX to jazz up a background. w/ FutureCorp

Palm Angels. Site and book viewer for Palm Angels by Francesco Ragazzi, published by Rizzoli. w/ Marc Kremers and Jonathan MacKay

OKGrl! Editorial. Wipe away some snow. Look at some clothes. Be a bit confused but happy. w/ Team OKGrl!.

Olson Kundig Architects. A website with the soul of great big beautiful book for an all-American Practice w/ Marc Kremers

Moncler Christmas. Send a greeting to a friend and enjoy the fun animations as you type. w/ FutureCorp

PTT Head. Forget your stresses and float away to a tropical beach paradise. w/ Future Corp

Snailbow. A heartwarming story about the life of a certain colourful snail.

Danio Mini-games. Weird mini-games for French yoghurt. w/ RWATGG and Jacob Grubbe

Sunrise Generator. Have a beautiful sunrise any time of day.

Self-portrait. Personal information on a personal display.

Face It. A complex face-generation algorithm.

Think 4. D&AD Student Best of Year for Branding & Identity.

Peepshow. If you look, you won't see.

You Are In Control. Video fun.

The Magic Cat. Visit the world of the crazy Magic Cat. w/ RWATGG

Inert. Slick-sliding-site for an Art Collective. w/ Marc Kremers, Jake Dow-Smith and Daniel Baer

*do developers have basic websites for the same reason cleaners have messy houses?